Our mission

We’re about empowering anyone to use blockchain data to drive decisions and workflow automations.

Whether you’re a developer building Web3 games, a community manager for dynamic NFT projects, or integrating Web3 experiences into your products and services, we’re here to help you bring your vision to reality.

Our story

We started Esprezzo to help developers and organizations who want to realize the benefits of blockchain technology by meeting them where they are. Our tools and platform don’t require prior blockchain development experience, learning protocol-specific programming languages or being experts at decentralized infrastructure management.

We are focused on designing an easy-to-use platform that minimizes frustration and maximizes experimentation. We want to remove as many obstacles from your path as possible so you can get from idea to reality as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our team

Our team has decades of experience launching and growing technical B2B and B2C products.

Image of Remy Carpinito, CEO, Co-Founder at Esprezzo
Remy Carpinito
CEO, Co-Founder
Image of Alan Wilhelm, CTO, Co-Founder at Esprezzo
Alan Wilhelm
CTO, Co-Founder
Image of Jialin Luh, Product Design Lead at Esprezzo
Jialin Luh
Product Design Lead
Image of Colin Wood, Front End Developer at Esprezzo
Colin Wood
Front End Developer
Image of Kevin Anater, Senior Platform Engineer at Esprezzo
Kevin Anater
Senior Platform Engineer
Image of Ryan Page, Full Stack Developer at Esprezzo
Ryan Page
Full Stack Developer
Image of Quionie Gaban, Content Marketing Manager at Esprezzo
Quionie Gaban
Content Marketing Manager